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CW Tuning Indicator Articles for the K1 & KX1

PLEASE NOTE: I (NěSS) no longer sell PC boards or kits for
                         for the K6XX CW Tuning Indicator. However,
                         these kits ARE still available, using my PC
                         board design, from the Eastern PA QRP Club.
                         Please contact Ron Polityka WB3AAL 
wb3aal@verizon.net> for information about
                         these kits, availability and pricing. For more
                        onfo go to:  www.n3epa.org

NOTE: There are now INDIVIDUAL PDFs covering the assembly,
               installation and alignment of this device in the Elecraft
               K1, and KX1. PLEASE DOWNLOAD the appropriate file.
               If you do not know how to download a PDF, please refer to
               the instructions (in yellow) at the top of this page.

K6XX CW Tuning Indicator (Pics of SMD  version)   PDF (643kB) (12/31/2004)

K1Assembly, Alignment & Installation Suggestions 
for the  K6XX  CW Tuning Indicator
(SMD  version 2)
  PDF (1.2MB) (11/20/2005)
This version of the Tuning Indicator documentation is most appropriate for assembly and installation
 of this device into radios of other manufacture.

KX1Assembly, Alignment & Installation Suggestions 
for the  K6XX  CW Tuning Indicator
(SMD  version 2)
  PDF (1MB) (05/24/2005)

  W3FPR's Comments on Alternate LED Installation Possibilities 
        Don's comments on installing the LED inside a pushbutton keycap PDF (6kB) (04/08/2005)
          NOTE: This is a preliminary set of comments. Don will be revising them to include pictures
                     and an expanded description of the steps required for successful installation.


Elecraft K1-related files on this site:
(If you don't see what you want here, and you think I may have it, ask!)

K1-Specific Files:

K1 Quick 'n Dirty Signal Tracing Suggestions  PDF (136kB)

 K1 Securing the KAT1 Filter Board Standoffs  PDF (80kB)


K1 Xtal Filter Alignment using Spectrogram v5.1.7

Download Spectrogram v5.17 (294kB)
The last SHAREWARE release of this program.
Use this program to align the filters in your K2 and K1... and for that matter,
other receiver carrier oscillators as well.

K1 Download Spectrogram v5.17-specific (K1) alignment docs  PDF (414 kB)
This is the document which describes HOW to use Spectrogram v5.17 to align the filters in your K1 radio.


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