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NSS' Amateur Radio Page

Welcome to my Ham Radio Web Pages

My original (single page) web page had become so terribly long that it must have taken dial-up visitors hours to connect and to load the entire page. For this I sincerely apologize... sometimes having access to a wideband Internet connection tends to make us forget that not everyone has that access, and as a result, we sometimes put a LOT more on our main pages than we should. I'm trying to correct that problem here, but it may take me a while to get things 'adjusted' so they work well. 

This site will be 'under construction' for a while. During this time, if you cannot find something you know (or feel) should be here, please drop me a note and I'll try to either fix the broken link, or to find it and ensure that it is added to the site.

The following pages are available below:

General Amateur Radio Files  
Here's a sample of what's there:
       Construction/Modification Projects
       Motorola Amplified Speaker Mods
       Reference / Info Files
       Samlex SEC1223 Svc Info & Add'l. RFI Filtering info
       Added 26MAR2011: Schematic of Hakko 936-x T/C Soldering Station
       Added 26MAR2011: Hakko 936-x T/C Soldering Stn, COMPLETE SCHEMATIC (accurate), 
            and POWER ON/OFF Indicator LED mod (SAME FILE AS ABOVE, just different listing)
       Hakko 808 Desoldering Gun User Notes
       LPT CW Keying Interface YOU can build
       Hi-Q HF Mobile Ant - Adding an Internal Turns-Counting Reed Sw.
       Heathkit SB-220 Schematics - 2-pg and single-page - Printable
       VIP CW Paddles by ZS1EL

Elecraft Kits (General)   
    Searchable Parts Layouts for the K2, KPA100, K1, and KX1
    Broadband Noise Generator You Can Build - For Xtal Filter Alignment

Elecraft K3 - Related Files 
    Files specific to the Elecraft K3
    KPAIO3 PC board Lifter-Puller
    Right Side Cover Replacement Hindered by KANT3/KAT3
     K3 Carrying Case
     K3 External Speaker Splitter
     K3-to-Yaesu Quadra HF Amp Inter-connections
           & Comments on Mating the K3 and the Quadra
     K3-to-Yaesu FL-7000 HF Amp Inter-connections

Elecraft K2 - Related Files 
    Files specific to the Elecraft K2

Elecraft K1 & KX1 - Related Files 
    Files specific to the Elecraft K1 & KX1

SCANS of Elecraft Kit PC Boards
        (Scanned top & bottom, for troubleshooting)

General QRP-Related Files


Enjoy Good Food?  Want some great recipes? (in PDF format):

 Jeri Cook - a self-extracting ZIPped PDF (723 kB)    NOTE: Once you DOWNLOAD this file, RUN the .EXE file to create the PDF. 

My wife, Jeri's (KRPH) disk-based cookbook of her own recipes  OR those begged, borrowed, stolen from relatives & friends 
(This file was (finally) updated:  28 February 2011)


Modifications I've made to my BIG GREEN EGG (Grill/Smoker)

I've come to quite enjoy cooking (mostly grilling) on my Big Green Egg.
However, I've also come to find that there were a few things that made
my enjoyment of this device a bit less than 'blissful'. Click [here] to go
to my Big Green Egg Mods page.


Looking for good pricing on Rohn Tower sections, VHF/UHF antennas (both
mobile and fixed, from a  number of various manufacturers), and various other
supporting items. including base and hand-held radios?  

Visit Mitch Wright (KCCWU)
     Excel Tower & Communication
     55832 Hwy A
     Russellville, Mo.65074
     office: 573-782-3623
     cell: 573-291-1064  
     fax: 510-201-6731
     on the web:

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